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When should tree pruning and maintenance start in the Spring?

Trees can be pruned at any time of year. It is best to prune oak trees and most evergreens during the fall and winter months. All other trees can be pruned after their leaves or needles are fully expanded, in the middle of the spring, around May.

When should tree spraying start?

Tree spraying can begin as soon as the ambient temperature is above freezing (32 degrees F.). That point used to be late in March. With climate change, the starting point may be earlier in some years, and later in others. In a general sense, tree spraying can begin from the third week of March, up to mid- April.

In the winter do you want to offer a Tree Inspection Offer? (Not meant to be a money maker but to open a relationship. Thoughts?

is a consulting job . However, we do give free estimates from February through April 1. After that, there is a charge for a detailed estimate ( which varies between $125.00- $250.00), which is waived if the estimate results in work being performed.

Do have a maintenance contract for Tree Spraying and do you have one for GTMO Mosquito?

We DO have a maintenance contract (our PHM program, Plant Health Maintenance) custom tailored to the needs of your property. We never over- sell or pad the contract with unnecessary items. We present first, the most important core applications, and then offer upgrade options which will benefit the customer, are reasonably priced, and also tailored to the property.

Regarding GTMO: We do package deals, for example, if you pre-pay to subscribe for 5 sprays, you get one free,. We have a package for pre- holiday sprays, when people are most frequently outside. We can also do four sprays for the price of three, if pre- paid. We also have more intense packages which begin mid- season, when the the temperatures are warmest and the need for outdoor control is highest, and other programs which can be tailored to suit the customers' needs..