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Tree Believers Inc

At Tree Believers Inc, we believe that satisfying you means providing a full range of organic and conventional plant health programs, including pruning, fertilization, transplanting, irrigation, landscape planning and consulting services.

We are a small, full service tree and horticultural company that specializes in the preservation of the beauty and health of trees, shrubs and plants. We seek to maximize the natural assets on your property, by ensuring that the needs of your garden’s plants and trees are being met: they should be correctly installed, well-pruned, adequately but not over-watered, and must receive enough air and light to allow them to mature.

We are on the side of nature, working to maintain a balance and proportion between the garden and the needs of the people that use it. We seek to use the plants' natural tendency to thrive to convert small plants into large, and weak plants into healthy ones. When choosing a landscape, tree and horticultural contractor to work with, you want someone on whom you can depend. Tree Believers Inc has built our reputation on quality work, trust and dependability. We've been landscaping properties in Long Island, Queens, Suffolk, Nassau and the New York area for over 15 years. We focus on customer service and customer satisfaction. We are convinced that we can provide you with the highest level of satisfaction that you demand. We take pride in this professionalism.

Specific horticultural services include organic plant health programs, natural pruning and shaping, planting of durable and pest free trees, shrubs and plants, transplanting services, tree and shrub preservation, and balancing of soil and water issues.

To contact us you may call us at (631) 864-5514