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Landscape Services

Landscape Services

Reflect your lifestyle with distinctive landscape design

Landscape Services

The key to a winning landscape or garden is a great landscape design. Tree Believers Inc are ready to help you take your landscape to the next level. Our main goal is to work with you with a focus on fulfilling your desires and coming up with a landscape plan that fits your budget.

The landscaping design process begins with an initial consultation in which a Tree Believer landscape designer will come to your location and work one-on-one with you to discover your desire and vision, to share ideas and to develop a basic concept of your project. Once the initial consultation is completed and we have established the criteria for fulfilling your needs, our unique, creative development process begins.

Choosing the right plants and trees for your landscape is an important and challenging task. The inclusion of a landscaper or landscape designer in the design and installation of your landscape plants and trees can mean the difference between having a mediocre landscape and a great landscape!


The soil is the key to plant health. We will take a soil test to determine your soil's composition and nutrient content. We conduct soil test analyses to make sure that soil pH and proper microbial activity are present. Then, using our proprietary blend of organic ingredients, we fertilize plants to promote good growth, putting them on a sustained diet of macro and micro nutrients and beneficial micro organisms, which will produce beauty and health for the long term.

House Plants and Patio Plants

We have a house plant service which includes in- home inspections, evaluation, pruning, staking, turning, fertilization, leaf shine, repotting, installation of new plants and disposal of unwanted ones. No pesticides are used.

We provide and install blooming and foliage patio plants and maintain them though pruning and fertilization throughout the growing season.