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Irrigation Services

Irrigation Services

We keep your yard greener

We believe in three major principles of irrigation:

Too much water is worse for plants than too little water. It is essential for the soil to drain and oxygen to reach the roots of your plants.

The needs of trees and shrubs are completely different from the needs of lawns and flowers, therefore, they must be irrigated separately, using different zones, different watering times, and different frequencies.

Drip irrigation using dedicated soaker or dripper hoses is superior to misters and sprinklers for watering trees, shrubs and plants. It is efficient: it saves water, and reduces the amount of diseases arising from excess water on the leaves and to the roots. Therefore, we recommend this type of system strongly.

We can design a whole system for you or re- work part of your garden to improve the water delivery to your valuable plants. Tree Believers Inc will evaluate your property and explain how your new system would work. You'll have a complete estimate and you'll gain some valuable information about irrigation systems and how we can save you time and money!

Hiring Tree Believers Inc can mean the difference between an contractor who knows how to install sprinklers and a well trained contractor who specializes in engineering and installing the very best, most efficient systems available today.